Monday, 27 February 2012

Pictures for Front Cover and Contents

Some possibilities for pictures I could use.

Final Shots

Targets from Feedback

  • Page Numbers (at least 80 pages/ 10 items)
  • Date
  • Issue number
  • Barcode
  • Price
  • More stylish fonts
  • Clean cut edges to photos
  • Make picture fit front cover
  • More pictures to contents
  • Fill empty space
  • Add information to front cover
  • Make it more engaging
  • Set text in article to left rather than middle
  • Use three columns instead of two
  • Make article title bigger
  • Add pictures to dps
  • Light pictures better

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Self Assessment

  My magazine was analysed by Katie Ford and Purdey Nurse.
I was told that I should use more props within my pictures because it will add more interest and carry on the theme of the magazine. I should also add more pictures of other people for my contents page to make it more realistic. I was also told the panorama shot on the contents page worked well and looked good so I may try to take one of my own. Overall, I was told the pictures looked good and fit with the style of the magazine but I know that I need to redo them because of the lighting and poses. The sizing of the photos were appropriate  and I was told that I used overexposure well and that it fits well with my theme. I think I could use my setting better for my photos, but I think the lighting was okay and and the colours worked well. I think I used the rule of thirds well on the double page spread but I need to look at my photo placement on my front cover. I need to take more time over editing my pictures because the cropping was messy and rushed.
In terms of aesthetics, I was told I used the rule of thirds well and stuck to the conventions we had learnt well. I used a godo variety of fonts and text sizes but also kept a theme running through the magazine. I was told I should add one or two smaller image on to my contents, this will make it more realistic and add some variety. Both Katie and Purdey liked the masthead font, i will definately stick to this style. I was told to use three columns instead of two for my article to make it look more proffesional. In was also told that the clothing I used fit the style, though I didn't agree with that and I chose different clothing for the final shots. I need to add in the date and the price but I was told my article was well written and believable.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Test Shots Evaluation

Looking back at the test shots, I think I was trying to hard to get interesting angles on my pictures. I think if I had kept it simple the pictures would have been more effective. I also learnt I should always use a plain background, though I tried the pictures became very hard to edit on photoshop because of the backgrounds.
 The first picture was a mid shot from a straight angle.  Sophie is looking directly at the camera and she is standing straight. I like the mid shot because it gives enough detail of clothing without it being distracting and you can see her face clearly. I think if the clothes were darker it would work well because it would make her face and hair stand out more. It would also make her stand out against the background. There isn't too much shadow on the picture but I think I need to use more natural light overall. I would change the contrast on the picture in the editing process to give a more professional look.

When I was taking this picture I was thinking about the double page spread. It is a mid shot from a straight angle but this time Sophie is placed to the very right of the picture. I like the technique used in magazines where the image carries on underneath the text of an article and that it is what I was going for here. Again, I think darker clothing would make her stand out more against the background. There is a slight shadow on the right of the picture which I would need to change. I like the pose that Sophie is doing, something about it is authoritative which works well for my magazine. 

 This picture is still a mid shot but is slightly further away. This gives more detail of clothing and you can also see the guitar. I like using the prop because it makes the photo seem less awkward and staged and because it gives more of an idea about my magazine. I think that it distracts your attention from Sophie though. The background isn't completely plain for this picture which will make it hard to edit. Also there is more shadow on the right side of Sophie.

Mock Ups

Front Covers
Contents Pages

Double Page Spreads

Class Pitch

I think that overall my pitch went well, even though it was quite short I think I got across the purpose and style of my magazine. The first question was 'why is it aimed at teenage girls?', I hadn't explained this in my pitch but I was able to answer the question using information I had already given. The second question was 'how are you going to style your model?', I had been thinking a lot about costume but I hadn't including that into the pitch, that is something I could have improved. The third question was 'what colour scheme are you using?', I had put this into my pitch but I could've maybe focused on it more and made it more obvious that I wanted to use red, black and white. Stemming from that question I was asked why I wanted to use those colours, I could've added that into my pitch too. The next question was if i had any ideas what I was going to call the magazine. I had put this on to my pitch but I probably should have made it a main title so it would stand out. At the time I was going to call it 'Live It' but I have now changed it to 'Vamp'. I was then asked whether I thought there was a niche in the market for a rock magazine aimed at females. I thought this was a good question and was helpful to me as it was the whole reason behind making this magazine. I'm glad I got the fact over that my magazine would be mainly focused on females. I think I could have made it more obvious that I wasn't just focusing on girl bands or singers and that I would be looking into guitarists, bassists, etc. too.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

30th January 2012 - Questionnaire



Question One
  1. Kerrang - 2
  2. NME - 4
  3. Q - 1
  4. Billboard - 3

Question Two
  1. Blue/Purple - 3
  2. Pink/Red/Black - 4
  3. Green - 3
Question Three
  1. Xerography - 2
  2. Boston Traffic - 1
  3. Octin Vintage - 3
  4. Dirt2 Death - 2
  5. Av Qest - 1
  6. Angelic War - 0
  7. Kawaii Killer - 2
Question Four
  1. My Chemical Romance - 3 
  2. Evanescence - 1
  3. Paramore - 3
  4. You Me At Six - 1
  5. All Time Low - 2
  6. Linkin Park - 1
  7. Green Day - 1
  8. Escape The Fate - 0
  9. The Pretty Reckless - 1
  10. Other -0
Question Five
  1. Posters - 8
  2. Interviews - 10
  3. Quizzes - 5
  4. Reviews - 6
  5. News - 3
  6. Other - 1 (Gossip)
Question Six
  1. Black and white print - 5
  2. Autumn picture - 3
  3. Abstract picture - 4
  4. Pencil sketch - 0